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A unique residence amidst the wings of history, in the center of all the dive sites, the fort offers a historic setting with 360 degree views where you can see our nearest house wrecks, Ingrid Horn, Gröne Jägaren and Riksäpplet. You live in the modernized 'Stenvillan' from the 18th century, there are several single and multi-bedded rooms with a nice communal kitchen where you can cook, even outdoor barbecue. There are two showers and a sauna that can be used in places.

Dalarö Skans is a former defense fortress built in 1656. It intended to protect the port at Dalarö and the ships that were moored there but also intended to protect the entrance to Stockholm. The stone villa was built in the 1700s and was a place for the crew.
Stenvillan från 1700-talet
Dalarö Skans fästning
Lastning av dykbåten Nessi inför dagstur
Enkel- eller flerbäddsrum
Utsikt från fästningen