Stockholm archipelago stretches from Arholma in the north to Landsort in the south. In this area we can count approximately 25,000 pieces of islands and located at least 20,000 shipwrecks of all different ages. The wrecks vary widely in size, we dive on everything from small pleasure craft to the great steamships from first to second world war.

Home port
We usually start from our port of Dalarö (Karlslunds marina). Loading takes place from about 8:15 am and departure takes place after the safety briefing. Expect that we're a full day, ie 08:30 to 16:30.

Day of diving
We do two dives during the day. Lunch is served either on the boat or in a cosy natural harbour.
There is plenty of time to sunbath, swim or just relax between the dives.
Diving equipment
Make sure you have your diving equipment completed and filled with air / nitrox so you can do two dives. We have no compressor on board.
Do you need to rent diving equipment or an extra bottle Please contact us at least one week in advance.


We have several trips planned during the season where you can book a place on the boat.
Are you a group or diving school wishing to book the boat and accommodation for several days of diving, you are welcome to look at our group / packages trips.

Diver during ascent following a 45 min dive at Dalarö wreck. Please contact us to arrange a guided tour of these amazing shipwrecks